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2023 Color Trends You Need to Know

Sherwin Williams 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Sherwin Williams usually is fairly spot on with what is going to be hot. While we can see this color trending in decor and accents, it's not our favorite shade on the walls as a paint color... what do you think?

Benjamin Moore 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Benjamin Moore picked a similar color in that they both have a red undertone, yet the mood of their 2023 color trends pick could not feel more different than Sherwin Williams. While the Sherwin Williams choice evokes a calm, serene mood, Benjamin Moore's is very bold.

It makes one wonder...could red be making a comeback in design?

Another similarity to the Sherwin Williams 2023 color trends pick is that we don't see this being a popular wall paint color... especially for any kind of staging. Having said that, we can see it as an accent but it's a less likely color pick than the Sherwin Williams choice! With that said, these 2 big paint brands' picks are BOLD, which always causes a stir in the design realm!

Dunn Edwards 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

While not as big of a paint brand as the other two, they came up with a very similarly toned color for their 2023 pick of the year... Terra Rosa.

Are we seeing a pattern emerge that is wholly unexpected? Yep, and again it's a similar undertone but the mood could not feel more different!

Behr 2023 Color Trends and Pick of the Year

Unlike the other paint brands who went unexpected and a bit "out there", Behr chose a not so hot trending color in Blank Canvas:

It's almost as if Behr is very late to the White Trend and just now catching up! White has been seriously trending for years and literally replaced the gray trend!

Behr's choice of white is interesting in that it is not a pure white but more of a creamy choice which does speak to the new beige trend we may be circling back to again.

2023 Color Trends Conclusion

Never underestimate the power of research that goes into each of these brands' color picks! Whenever we see a pattern of choices like this you can bet some hot trends will follow! Stay tuned...


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