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The 12 Huge Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2022

So far, the start of 2022 has given us a heavy dose of deja vu. With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to rage on and everything seeming bleakly the same, it makes sense that you might want to make something in your life look different—even if the world outside continues to feel rote.

Here's the scoop on new home trends that will be huge this year! And trust us—this is the makeover you deserve.

1. Vintage and craft furniture

Perhaps the only phrase you’ve heard more the past few months than “omicron” is “supply chain.” The shortage of ordinary household goods and building supplies has affected us all in one way or another. And if you’ve been looking to furnish your home or give your living room a makeover with a new sofa, you know what we’re talking about.

With supply chain issues and shipping waits stretching to months, many homeowners (and designers) are turning toward vintage items they can find locally. Unique pieces that can only be found in thrift stores and secondhand are sure to be a hit!

Keep your finds as is for that trendy “grandmillennial” look, or refinish the pieces with a 2022 twist. The vintage trend is also having a moment as consumers want to shy away from big-box stores and shop handmade—or even go the DIY route.

2. Houseplants galore

Speaking of vintage, in 2022 we’ll be time-traveling to the days of disco with our houseplant obsession. There hasn't been a drive for houseplants like this since the late 1970s and early 1980s. Along with those plants come crafty homemade pots, macramé plant hangers, and DIY reclaimed wooden plant stands.

Why the gusto for greenery? You can thank the pandemic for that. With more and more people working from home, we as a society are looking for any way to connect with nature in our living and working spaces.

3. No curtains (and extra windows where possible)

In order to keep all those plants alive and healthy, our homes will need an influx of light. So in 2022, break free from the curtains and embrace the naked window!

Heavy draperies, color roller shades, and blinds have been popular for a long time, but there is a push toward removing all window coverings and allowing the light to come in. We are seeing a sacrifice of privacy in order to have more and more light in our homes. New construction will see a push toward larger windows and lots of extra light sources in the home.

4. Pet-centric design

Who didn’t get a new pet during the pandemic? Whether you added a furry new family member or you’re just worried about leaving the little guy or gal behind as you return to the office, many homes in 2022 will be centrally focused on pets.

Homeowners are catering to their beloved furry friends in over-the-top ways, incorporating food dishes and water taps into the millwork and at floor level, full-on washing stations with ramps in mudrooms, and custom pet beds.

5. Eclectic fixtures

One of the easiest ways to give any room a face-lift is with a new light fixture. And these days, the bolder the better! The light fixture has become a focal point and no longer a side thought. Mixed and interesting fixtures can bring character to a home.

6. Curves

Curvilinear furniture began taking the design world by storm a couple of years ago. Think circular couches, shell-shaped armchairs, and round mirrors.

And that trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! 2022 will have us embracing curves in not only our furniture and accessories but also in our built-in features such as kitchen islands, bath and shower walls, windows, doors, and entryways.

7. Smarter kitchen storage solutions

We can’t all be blessed with a full chef’s kitchen with storage galore. If you’re sick of digging to the back of your cabinets to find the colander, consider adding deep pull-out drawers for pots, pans, and large bowls. Instead of playing pot-Tetris in a cabinet, deep pull-out drawers make finding the right pot a cinch!

8. Woven furniture and accessories

What was once considered only for outdoor use, woven and wicker furniture has made its way into kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more. Everything from sideboards to headboards can incorporate unique and unexpected woven elements on them. From artisan baskets to light fixtures, the woven element has taken the design world by storm!

9. Sensual moody bedrooms

With everything still seeming meh outside, we definitely need a sanctuary inside! In 2022 it's about bringing the magic back to the bedroom with moody decor schemes reminiscent of luxury boutique hotels... asymmetrical proportions, unique mirrors, statement and strip lighting, and bed frames. Feature walls are showcasing a number of different cladding materials for layering effects, dimension, and drama. Closets have glass doors and are meticulously compartmentalized and designed.

10. Luxe laundry rooms and pantries

We spend so much time doing laundry and organizing our pantries—or at least some of us do. But in 2022, we’re realizing these don’t have to be joyless, soul-sucking activities. Wouldn’t these mundane chores seem lighter if you’re in a space that is light, bright, and fun?

Designers agree that 2022 will see us giving consideration to the laundry room and pantry as we do to the kitchen and other rooms in the house. Today’s luxurious laundry rooms include built in-storage, slide-out drying racks, washing machines and dryers built into colorful millwork, wallpaper, high-end faucets and sinks, and ambient lighting.

11. Laminate vinyl plank flooring

Redoing your floors can be exorbitantly expensive. But in 2022, folks have caught on to a much cheaper option that looks just as rich as tile or real hardwood: laminate vinyl plank flooring. It’s a great way to update a room without blowing the budget. Plus, it’s durable, water-resistant, affordable, easy to install, and there are tons of options.

12. Dedicated home theater space

Even though we’re bingeing our favorite shows on all kinds of devices, most of us still prefer to consume the never-ending deluge of content on a big-screen TV. But not everyone wants to see an 80-inch screen in their everyday living and entertaining areas.

So in 2022, make the theater come to you! Turn the basement or an unused room into your own stylish cinematic lounge, complete with plush, deep-seated sofas. Ambient lighting is nice, along with a rich, dark color on the wall to give you a luxurious feeling. Throws to curl up in or a place to put your feet up and maybe a small table for your snacks is all you really need.

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