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Top Patio and Porch Trends for 2024

The spring is officially upon us, and interior designers already have their thumb on the pulse of this year’s biggest outdoor decor trends. Here are the top patio and porch trends to watch out for in 2024, according to design experts.

01 | Bold Colors and Patterns:

We’ve seen a shift away from all-neutral-everything in interiors for a few years now, and designers agree that we can expect to see the same in outdoor living spaces in 2024. Think bright, bold colors and playful patterns.

Rather than replacing all of your existing patio/porch furniture and decor, we recommend bringing in color and pattern using easy-to-change textiles like pillows and throw blankets. This will give you the space and opportunity to play around with how colors and patterns look together in an affordable and low-commitment way.

02 | Comfortable Seating Areas:

Goodbye, uncomfortable plastic patio furniture—you’re not welcome in 2024! Comfortable and functional outdoor seating that is made to last is where it’s at this year. This is a trend we’ve seen for a couple of years now, but designers don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon.

Plush outdoor couches, chairs, and outdoor sectionals are increasing in popularity year after year thanks to durable performance fabrics that are designed to withstand the elements. 

03 | Organic Materials and Textures:

Natural materials and textures like rattan, jute, stone, terracotta, and wood are certainly nothing new in both interior and exterior design, but they’re not going anywhere this year.

Organic textures continue to reign supreme in 2024, mostly thanks to their relaxed, lived-in look that blends effortlessly with other furnishings and styles. Just like you would indoors, bring some natural finishes and textures to your patio or porch space to add some warmth and character to the final look. Decor like pillows, throw blankets, outdoor rugs, planters, decorative trays and baskets, and lighting are great for incorporating organic materials effortlessly and affordably.

04 | Small Decks and Patios

Low on outdoor space? That’s not stopping homeowners in 2024. Designers agree people are increasingly looking to maximize their outdoor living areas, regardless of size. This means that small decks and patios designed with functionality in mind are set to be trending this year more than ever.

For homeowners with modest-sized yards, adding a small patio or deck can turn an unused side yard or entry into an inviting outdoor living space. Decks are especially practical, as they can be built on uneven terrain.

05 | Enclosed or Partially-Covered Porches

Enclosed or partially-covered porches that can be closed in are gaining popularity as multi-season spaces. For homeowners that experience frequent inclement weather, the additional protection from the elements can dramatically extend how often the space is used. Glass panels, screened-in options, or even a roof with curtains that can be drawn are a few popular options when it comes to enclosing a porch or patio.   


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